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Skadarlija, the most famous Bohemian district which is only five hundred meters long and some ten meters wide, developed in the first half of the 19th century. Owning to its proximity to the National Theatre, it has always been a meeting point for artists, actors, poets and writers.

As the Bohemian lifestyle implied good food and wine, many inns, some of which being the oldest in Belgrade, were built in Skadarlija, such ass: ‘’Tri šešira’’, ‘’Ima dana’’, ‘’Dva jelena’’, ‘’Zlatni bokal’’ and ‘’Putujući glumac’’…

Famous Serbian poet and painter Đura Jakšić lived in Skadarlija, and his home was converted into the meetinh point of the Skadarlija Evenings poets.

‘’Tri šešira’’ (Three Gats) is the oldest inn in Skadarlija. It opened in 1864 in the building which had housted an artisan workshop whose logo featured three tin hats.

It is most frequently compared to the Montmartre district of Paris both because of it’s appearance, and it’s joyful and cheery artistic atmosphere.