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Ada Ciganlija

Ada Ciganlija is the city’s largest bathing resort with as many as 100 outdoor sports facilities, including a golf course, a cable skiing system and an 8km-long cycle track around the lake. Also there you can find the bungee jumping and paintball field.


Skadarlija, the most famous Bohemian district which is only five hundred meters long and some ten meters wide, developed in the first half of the 19th century. Owning to its proximity to the National Theatre, it has always been a meeting point for artists, actors, poets and writers.


The preparations for the construction of one of the biggest Orthodox shrines in the world were launched back in 1894. The Cathedral was erected on the site where, legend has it, the holy relics of the first Serbian archbishop, St. Sava, werw translated from the Monastery of Mileševa and incinerated by order of Sinan- pasha in 1594.


Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, is the third largest city in South-eastern Europe after Istanbul and Athens. Just over 1,700,000 people live in it. Belgrade is the city of youth. More than 40% of its citizens are between 15 and 44 years of age.


The Belgrade Fortress is a veritable museum of Belgrade`s history. Through centuries, it changed and developed; it saw many an army , being the scene of countless battles and bearing witness to the brutality of the invaders and the bravery of its untiring defenders. It is the place where Belgrade began to develop.


The Belgrade Arena is the most modern structure in Belgrade where sports, cultural, music and other events and fairs are hold. It was inaugurated in 2004 with the Diamond Ball Basketball Tournament.